c.1952 Radio Rentals

This is a cute little Radio Rentals with a really nice Bakelite cabient. I'd love to tell you what the model number is, but some helpful soul has broken off the little plastic plate from the back of the chassis. They probably did that because it proclaimed that the set was the property of Radio Rentals. I'm sure Radio Rentals had stopped wanting to own this by 1960, though! It's a nice little set, in good condition, and there's really nothing at all to moan about, which is disappointing, because I always like to find something to moan about. It's clean, it's shiny, it works well, it looks great. Ah, well, it was a real pig to mend because it had a nasty obscure fault, so I'll have to moan about that. That fault won't come back, though, and these rental sets were usually very reliable (for obvious reasons) so I am not expecting any trouble from this. I really can't see a good reason not to buy this - in fact, I wonder why I'm selling it.

Size: 23cm High, 34cm Wide, 15cm Deep.
Wavebands: LW, MW
Price: � (Delivery by Carrier � extra)

Just email me if you want this one.

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