1955 Philips B3G63A

This is nice in every way. It's Bakelite, and they seem to like Bakelite. It's also survived in nice shiny condition. It's got FM on it, which is very useful, even though the old FM band only runs from 88MHz to 99MHz. You'll still get the main BBC national stations on it. It's got a built-in aerial for LW and MW, and only needs a little bit of wire hung at the right angle for FM. It looks good, it sounds good, and it's a nicely engineered piece of equipment. I am struggling to find anything to moan about with this, and that disappoints me no end. So, if it's that good, and it is, what are you waiting for?!

Size: 31cm High, 42cm Wide, 21cm Deep.
Wavebands: LW, MW, FM
Price: � (Delivery by Carrier � extra)

Just email me if you want this one.

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