1950 Philips BF301A

This is a little French Philips. I know it's French. First, I rescued it from there myself. Second, the model number which starts with BF gives it away. It's a cute little bit of Bakelite with a nice quality chassis inside. This one works far better than I thought it would. Far better than it has a right to, really, because it's got a pretty ordinary set of valves in it and there are no more of them than you'd expect. It gets lots of stations on Short Wave, which is where it really shows off, but it is also a darn good set on Medium Wave and Long Wave too. Being French, it's got some slightly odd engineering inside, but it works so well that I can't complain about an odd circuit. When I got it, the speaker cloth was wrecked, but a new piece has gone in really nicely. I like to have a moan, and I would point out that the Bakelite isn't as shiny as some sets I've seen, so I think it was stored in a reasonably damp place at some time. The dial is printed with water-soluble white ink, and that has a couple of little areas where it has gone fuzzy-looking, which is another sure sign of damp. Other than those moans, there is really nothing wrong with this set, and it's a very nice and rather different thing to own. I have had this for at least five years, so it really is time I gave someone else the chance to own it!

Size: 26cm High, 40cm Wide, 21cm Deep.
Wavebands: LW, MW, SW
Price: � (Delivery by Carrier � extra)

Just email me if you want this one.

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