1947 Bush DAC90

This is the original DAC90, not the later and far more common DAC90A, which had the same Bakelite cabinet with different works inside. This is not from the first batch of DAC90s (they were black) but it's got the original pattern white dial, so it's pretty early. They fitted brown dials to later ones. This one is all original except for the speaker cloth, which had to be replaced. The original was a piece of gold fabric almost identical to the piece fitted. These things are beautiful to look at, but they are basically a full-sized radio crammed into a small box, so they do run warm. This causes the top corner of the card back to burn away in most cases, and this one is no exception to the rule. The rest of the back panel is original, and I've made up a little paxolin piece to keep your fingers safely out of the works where the original corner has vanished. While I'm moaning, the Bakelite isn't as shiny as some I've seen, so I guess it has lived somewhere a bit damp at some time in its life, but it's still very presentable. I do like to have a moan if I can, though. Otherwise, this is a very cute little set in very nice order which works well and is a pleasure to own. In fact, I really don't care if you don't buy this because I love these little sets and I'm quite happy to keep it.

Size: 23cm High, 30cm Wide, 19cm Deep.
Wavebands: LW, MW
Price: �0 (Delivery by Carrier � extra)

Just email me if you want this one.

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