1947 GEC BC4750

When you look at the shape of this, it's easy to think it's made of Bakelite. But it's not. It's all wood. It is semi-circular in shape when you look from the top, and this must have been an expensive cabinet to make. The chassis is a nice piece of work too. It's got push-buttons for changing wavebands, and these didn't come cheap either. The performance is very good, and on Short Wave, it got a few stations I wasn't expecting it to. There's a lot of play value in a Short Wave set, and this one won't disappoint. I've had this one for many years, but I've finally got around to restoring it! The cabinet does not have perfect polish, but it is all original, and it's very nearly sixty years old, so a few little scratches and abrasions are to be expected. It's still very presentable and if you keep it polished, it will continue to look nice. When it's all lit up and working, it looks and sounds lovely. These are not common, and they're very good looking sets, so I am sure that someone else will love it as much as I do. I'm not usually a great fan of GEC sets, but I like this one!

Size: 35cm High, 57cm Wide, 24cm Deep.
Wavebands: LW, MW, SW
Price: � (Delivery by Carrier � extra)

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